A Chief People Officer’s Take: Tackling Employee Healthcare


“As a Chief People Officer, one of the things that I obsess about day in and day out is the experience that my employees have in every aspect of their work life. The missing piece of the puzzle for me has always been around benefits.”

A Chief People Officer’s Take on Tackling Employee Healthcare

Watch Collective Health Chief People Officer Jude Komuves discuss why she’s committed to solving the number one pain point facing CHROs today

Jude Komuves has dedicated her career to building great companies. From scaling Google’s culture in the early days to building out the team at Square to closing the gender pay gap at Collective Health—her track record speaks for itself. The one nut she struggled to crack? Employee healthcare.

She’s not alone. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, only 17% of business leaders today believe that their healthcare investment is being managed efficiently. Why is this massive spend such a challenge for CHROs and CFOs alike to get a handle on? Why does it feel like a constant battle between optimizing the employee experience and controlling costs?

Watch this video to hear Jude’s story and see why she’s committed to solving the number one pain point facing CHROs today.

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