Meet the Collective: Hi, Kavita.



Meet the Collective is our series highlighting the great people who make up Collective Health. Today, we’re sitting down with Kavita Mistry, a senior product designer on our design systems team.

Where are you from?

Typically, I’ll say that I am from Mountain View, but when it is conversationally relevant, I tell people that I am from England. I was born in Southend-On-Sea and moved to the United States when I was one-year old.

What were you up to before Collective Health?

I worked at Udacity improving the online education experience.

Why did you make the move?

I had enjoyed working in education, but healthcare also felt ripe for design innovation. I am attracted to spaces that need design love, and I’m also interested in taking complex systems and making them approachable.

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Working with my hands. I take pride in making things myself and teaching myself new crafts. I love papercrafts, laser cutting, vinyl stickers, cooking from scratch, gardening (indoors and outdoors), and so much more.

How would you explain what you do to a 5-year-old?

I make Lego pieces — I figure out what the size of the pieces should be, pick the colors, and think about how they will all fit together. Then, I share them with my team to build awesome products—like castles and spaceships but for healthcare!

What’s the best thing about your job?

Being a design systems designer means I get to nerd out on the really tiny interactions in an interface as well as architect the way things fit together in the bigger picture. It is a unique challenge as you step back from ordinary product design work to focus on the details.

Coolest company in healthcare right now (other than us, of course!):

I have really enjoyed my experience with One Medical and admire the way they have rethought the experience of a doctor’s visit. Instead of feeling like I am in a sterile, cold place, their offices are warm and beautiful spaces and their operations are smooth — it makes a big difference!

One meal you’d eat for the rest of your life:

Easy. Pav bhaji made by my mom, not a restaurant. It is kind of like an Indian vegetarian version of a sloppy joe: a spicy mash of vegetables that you put on a toasted bun with lemon juice and chutney on top. My record is eating it for four days in a row, but I could totally eat them for longer!

What would you challenge the rest of the team to?

I would challenge the design team to Mario Kart. I don’t think many members of the team play video games, so I feel confident that I could win.

If competing with anyone at Collective Health, I would challenge them to levels of the app “I Love Hue” because my eye for color differences is killer and kind of obsessive.

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