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Meet the Collective is our series highlighting the great people who make up Collective Health. Today, we’re sitting down with Matt Pickett, RVP Mountain States.

To hear from Matt in person, please join our Meet the Collective webinar on March 11 at 11am MT.

Where are you from?
I consider myself from Colorado as I moved here when I was a teenager and attended junior high and high school here. We have moved away a couple times for jobs and school, but have always made our way back to Colorado. Before Colorado as a youth, my family moved several places primarily on the East Coast. I now live just south of Denver in Highlands Ranch.

What happened in your career that led you to Collective Health?
I have felt like the market has been craving a different solution that hadn’t been available until now — not until Collective Health. From what I have seen and heard from channel partners and clients, Collective Health is able to fill that niche of what people are looking for- a nimble technology-driven platform that is supported by a high-touch and highly effective client and member experience. And of course, the people here at Collective Health are a huge reason I joined the team. I talked to Jamie Parr and members of the team for several months before making my decision to join. It was a very thoughtful process and all the conversations I had during that time did nothing but solidify my decision to make the move to Collective Health.

What excites you most about where Collective Health is going?
If you survey the market you can see how quickly things are evolving in the healthcare space. Collective Health has the ability and the agility to adapt to that ebb-and-flow that we see in the market. We are large enough to provide depth and expertise but small enough to remain nimble. I see there being several components that contribute to us being able to do that — our tech, our member experience and our unification of point solutions. All of those combined bring to the market a holistic solution that hasn’t existed before and that is being asked for by employers. We are doing something unique and special here, and I am thrilled to help be a part of it and help build the CH brand in our Mountain States region of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.

What’s one of the most important lessons you’ve learned in your career?
People and relationships still matter the most. That’s obviously more relevant for my role in sales but I genuinely believe that good relationships still matter, whether that’s networking, working collaboratively as a team, your own professional development and growth, serving our clients and customers- they all rely on strong relationships.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
Spending time with my family. I have four young kids and they keep me plenty busy!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How does that inform what you do today?
I have always enjoyed athletics and thought it would be great to be a college football coach. I love being part of a team. Camaraderie, winning, competitive spirit, motivation- all those things appealed to me about sports and coaching. But I’ve also found them to be present in the sales environment as well. Collective Health and its team members have all of those attributes.

How would you say technology can work better in healthcare?
Healthcare has to be more accessible and easier to use otherwise it won’t work and people do not engage. And the same is true of technology- you can create the coolest flashiest new tool, but if it isn’t useful then you won’t see meaningful adoption — people just won’t care. I think many of our competitors are operating largely on antiquated platforms and systems. While they are trying to catch up, it’s like turning a battleship. I can respect that some companies are looking to innovate and refresh their approach. But the truth is, many are still stuck in legacy ways of operating because they haven’t captured that accessibility and approachability, and therefore, do not achieve the desired and needed engagement from their users/members.

What’s your favorite quote?
I once heard it said from a wise person- “It takes a pretty good meeting to be better than no meeting.” Time is precious and crucial, especially now that we all spend so much time on Zoom. Regardless of what you’re doing, if it involves taking the time of others, you better make it effective. I try to be mindful of that when I convene teams or leadership or our external stakeholders. I always ask myself — what are their goals, what are my goals and how can we get the most out of this time we have together.

Hidden talents or lack of talents?
I did take nine years of piano lessons — but I am not very musically inclined.

COVID has certainly brought out my cooking abilities. I have enjoyed trying new recipes — some better than others. I try to make at least one new thing a week. I also enjoy spending time outdoors- running, hiking, and just being active. It is good for my mental health too.

What drew you to CH leadership?
In early meetings with several of the CH leadership team I could see quite a few common threads- passionate, mission driven people and excitement about working on something big. The Collective Health vision is much bigger than being an administrator of healthcare. It’s recognizing that we are trying to fix the whole healthcare system to work better for everyone. Frankly, that’s pretty cool and it gives you the opportunity to work with really smart people. I was also equally impressed by the level of experience and tenure of the people I have spoken with at Collective Health. I appreciate that people come from such diverse backgrounds — people from technology, consulting, the carrier side, and other outside industries — it’s a really nice mix of people coming into the space. Ultimately that is the hallmark of a good team- different talents and abilities working on a common purpose and goal.

Fun fact about me:
I am a first generation American-born citizen on my mom’s side of the family. She and her family immigrated to the US (from Latvia) as a young girl.

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