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Jazz Pharmaceuticals

“We had a choice—we could continue to settle for mediocrity, 
or we could partner with Collective Health and do something great.”
Industry Healthcare # of Employees 1100 H.Q. Location Dublin, Ireland

How does a healthcare company think about health benefits? For one of our clients, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, it’s personal. As a company focused on identifying, developing, and commercializing products that address unmet medical needs, Jazz Pharmaceuticals is in the business of improving people’s lives.

“Our patients and our people—that’s what makes us tick,” said Jazz Pharmaceutical’s senior manager of health and wellbeing. “We think a lot about the benefits our products deliver to our patients. Our own company health benefits shouldn’t be any different.”

A benefits broker for 13 years, he joined the company when it was just 200 employees and has helped the team grow to over 1,100 today. While the company has earned a reputation for its thoughtful approach to benefits, the benefits team kept setting their sights higher.

“For years, I felt as though we were settling. Not at [our company], but the industry as a whole,” said the senior manager. “The traditional health insurance approach to member service is a great example. My people weren’t comfortable going to our previous carrier with questions, meaning everyone came to me. The workload associated with that didn’t allow me to focus on the bigger strategic initiatives our team wanted to pursue.”

“Like many pharmaceutical companies, we’re a bit conservative,” he said, “but in all my career I’ve never come across a team more passionate about building a great place to work.” He and his leadership team knew from experience that being passionate sometimes means being willing to do things differently.

And that’s where Collective Health came in.

We think a lot about the benefits our products deliver to our patients. Our own company health benefits shouldn’t be 
any different.

Escaping the health benefits status quo

The company was looking for a partner who was a true cultural fit—one that would both deliver an elevated member experience and help them realize their strategic business goals.

“Good service + good cultural fit = employees that are healthy and happy. That’s the equation we look for in a partner, and exactly what we found in Collective Health,” the senior manager said. In his view, Collective Health is revolutionizing an antiquated system, “embracing innovation to fundamentally change how companies think about self-funded health benefits.”

When it came time to make the final decision to move to Collective Health, he brought two things to the Total Rewards Committee. First, a compelling financial business case to justify the change. Second, he brought them a challenge. “We have a choice. We can continue to settle for mediocrity [traditional health plans] or we can partner with Collective and do something great.”

The choice was clear and, according to the team, they haven’t been disappointed.

The Collective Health Difference

Collective Health was introduced to their company in the fall of 2016, with new plans going live January 1, 2017.

In Collective Health, they found a partner who could:

  • Administer the company’s medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision plans, as well as help implement and manage third-party point 
  • Deliver a personalized member experience through integrated tools and best-in-class Member Advocates
  • Streamline his day-to-day benefits work and improve analytics and reporting
  • Help him shift the conversation from treating sickness to promoting health

“I’ve had a lot of really good moments here,” he said, “but to this day, Collective Health is the biggest win I’ve had in my career.”

Collective Health is the biggest win I’ve had in my career.

The power of Member Advocates

Before partnering with Collective Health, the benefits team was inundated with employee questions. “I used to single-handedly manage all employee benefits questions—I simply didn’t trust our previous carrier to get the job done,” said the senior manager. With Collective Health, things are different.

“The move to Collective Health has freed up so much of my time,” he said. After building trust with the Client Success and Member Advocacy teams, Jazz Pharmaceuticals now confidently sends their people straight to Collective for all health benefits-related questions. “I no longer have to worry about whether or not my people are getting the help they need,” he said. “With the proven strength and expertise of the Member Advocates, I know my people are always well taken care of.”

“Collective Health Member Advocates make healthcare personal. Employees come to me to thank me for partnering with Collective Health, mentioning Member Advocates by name who they really love working with.”

Employees come to me to thank me for partnering with Collective Health, mentioning Member Advocates by name who they really love working with.

Tools to track performance

To help track the ongoing performance of his benefits investment, Collective Health provides a suite of integrated reporting and analytics, including a monthly member engagement report. “Through Collective Health’s monthly member engagement reports, I’m able to measurably show my CEO how much work this partnership has offloaded for us—but more importantly—I’m able to show the value Collective Health is bringing to us by way of employee engagement.”

Benefits, meet wellbeing

With a passion for wellbeing, this company’s benefits philosophy is to look at the total health spectrum—building programs and investing in solutions that meet people wherever they are. “Traditional health benefits programs are designed solely to serve high-cost claimants,” said the senior manager of health and wellbeing, “I think we can do more.” In his view, “We need to shift the conversation from just treating sickness to also promoting health.”

Collective Health serves as a foundation to realize that vision. “Collective Health’s modern data infrastructure and growing partner ecosystem is helping me build strategies that meet people wherever they happen to be on the health spectrum,” he said. “With their partnership, I’m finally able to think about the future.”

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