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American employers are in the healthcare business

“If you’re running a company in America, regardless of what industry you’re in, you’re in the healthcare business. And that means you need the right tools to be able to manage that critical line item in your corporate budget and drive a measurable return on your investment (ROI) in the experience and health outcomes of your employees.” — Ali Diab, Collective Health CEO & Co-Founder

For the last 40 years, employers have funded the majority of private healthcare in our country without the means to shape the very system they’re paying for. That’s changing. From the rapid proliferation of corporate wellness programs, onsite clinics, telemedicine services, novel clinical models, and more—employers are leveraging their purchasing power and doing things differently.

In his manifesto, American employers are in the healthcare business, CEO and Co-Founder Ali Diab discusses the state of our healthcare system, how we got here, and the role technology plays in what comes next—introducing a new category of companies, like Collective Health, that will help employers take control over their investment while taking better care of their people.

To learn more, read CEO and Co-Founder Ali Diab’s full manifesto.

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