Collective Perspective

A CFO’s Take: Maximizing the Value of your Healthcare Investment

“I’ve dealt with these issues my whole career. Healthcare costs are the one (budget) line item that’s extraordinarily painful to get a handle on. It’s been an opaque spend for years … and it shouldn’t be that way.”

Collective Health’s CFO, Ken Hahn

Ken Hahn has spent the past 20 years managing the finances of leading companies like iControl Networks, QuinStreet, and Borland Software. He knows all too well what it’s like to run employee benefits programs without any insight into where the money is going, or why the prices keep going up.

This lack of transparency frustrates finance and HR leaders alike, as both departments need certainty that they’re offering the highest quality healthcare at the best price. More control over this critically important area is long overdue—and it’s finally possible.

Watch this video to hear Ken’s story and see why he’s committed to solving a major pain point for both finance and HR departments.

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