Open Enrollment

An exciting Open Enrollment. It’s possible.

As the delights of summer start to wind down, we’re starting to think about all things fall: back-to-school sales, movie blockbusters, and of course, Open Enrollment.

Great consumer marketers have spent their entire careers figuring out how to get people’s attention and hold on to it. This Open Enrollment season, start thinking like a marketer. Download our Open Enrollment Kit. The complete kit features a recording of our Open Enrollment, Reimagined webinar and includes an actionable resource guide to help you build a compelling Open Enrollment communications campaign.

In the webinar, you’ll hear from one of tech’s most innovative benefits leaders, Kirk Gasparian, Benefits Manager at Zendesk. He’ll share how he’s cracked the code on Open Enrollment by thinking like a marketer, keeping things fresh and appealing for his employees.

With the webinar, you’ll also get our Open Enrollment Kit to help you plan and build your campaign. The kit will include ideas on:

  • How to set your goals, strategy, and budget to help your team get on the same page.
  • How to appeal to the many groups in your population, mapping them to personas with different needs and different communications tactics (remote, tech-savvy employees, or employees with families).
  • How to translate benefits jargon into plain English and decode all of the confusing acronyms (HMO, PPO, HDHP, etc.).
  • How to develop touch points that will engage your people and keep their attention throughout the Open Enrollment process.

Preparing for Open Enrollment is a big undertaking. Your careful communications plan is key to helping your people pay attention and feel more confident in their benefits choices. With our webinar and kit, you’ll have the building blocks to create an Open Enrollment campaign that truly resonates with your people.

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