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Clarity and simplicity aren’t qualities most people would associate with their experience over the last few months in navigating a global pandemic. At Collective Health, we’re trying to help make the very complicated process of getting screened and tested for COVID-19 a lot simpler. To do our part, we’ve introduced Collective Go™, a comprehensive screening, testing, and monitoring solution that aims to lower risk for people already back at work or those returning to work.

Following the official rollout of Collective Go™, we’re offering a deeper dive on the app experience and highlighting the ways in which we’re making it easier to take the necessary steps in reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposure for yourself, and those around you.


Getting set up with Collective Go™ is easy. Once enrolled, you can access Collective Go™ on the web or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. From there, follow the simple onboarding instructions.

Once your account is created, you’ll see a task list with steps for you to take, including the symptom screening and testing cadence that has been identified for you in order to receive your Compliance Certificate, which will verify that you have followed the right steps and are compliant with the protocol.


Any return to work solution that doesn’t include testing introduces significant risk. Our own data and protocols for testing, created in collaboration with researchers from major universities and two former FDA commissioners, shows that the chances of missing a COVID+ case with basic measures such as temperature checking are greater than 86%. With PCR testing, that number drops to as low as 2%.1

Collective Go™ was built with testing as a core pillar to reduce your risk as much as possible.

Community Testing
Collective Go™ offers a universal method for ingesting any valid COVID-19 PCR test result, whether it’s from your local primary care provider, a testing center, or from commercial providers like CVS and LabCorp Pixel Box. Once you’ve completed the test, you can simply upload a picture of the official test results to the product and self attest to the accuracy and legitimacy of the results.

Facilitated Testing with the Collective Go™ Testing Ecosystem
Collective Go™ also supports self administered testing through our ecosystem of testing partners. For example, if your company chooses testing with EverlyWell, one of our partners, you can order at-home test kits to be shipped directly to you. You just input the appropriate shipping location and complete your sample collection when you receive the kit, and ship it back. Once ready, the results of your test will then be integrated directly into Collective Go™.

Symptom Screening

As part of our Collective Go™ Protocol, you’re required to fill out a quick daily questionnaire assessing your chance of infection by answering a set of simple questions about symptoms you may be feeling.

These questions are updated regularly as part of the protocol which pulls in relevant epidemiology data like local community spread in your area or symptoms that may have been identified in new clinical research. You’ll receive a new symptom checker task every 24 hours, which if left uncompleted for 48 hours since the previous completion, will result in your certificate being invalidated.


When you are compliant with the testing and daily symptom monitoring protocol, Collective Go™ will produce a certificate of compliance. This will include your name and supplemental CDC guidelines on self isolation in the event of symptoms consistent with COVID-19.


Interested in learning more about how Collective Go™ can help your organization reduce risk and facilitate a safer return to work?

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1Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Source
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