When it comes 
to benefits, family comes first.

In a 2016 survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Collective Health, we found a majority of Americans believe it's important for employers to offer paid maternity and paternity leave and are increasingly seeking coverage for more premium benefits such as fertility coverage.

When it comes to maternity leave,
Americans want paid coverage

Almost three quarters of Americans think that that maternity leave is important. This number jumps amongst millennials.

73% of Americans think that paid maternity leave is important

73% of Americans think that paid maternity leave is important

Millennials: 85% agree it is important

47% of millennial women said it was absolutely essential

And they want paid coverage
for new
fathers, too

Paid paternity leave isn’t just a media headline, it’s also a highly sought after benefit—
and demand for this benefit is only getting stronger among younger employees.

9 in 10

millennials think that paid paternity
is at least somewhat important


Nearly half of millennial men said
it was absolutely essential

But demand doesn't always
equate to coverage

While progress has been made when it comes to paid family benefits, employers’ offerings still don’t always match up with the coverage their employees want most.

of adults say their company
offers paid maternity leave.

surveyed said their company
offers paid paternity leave.

Confusion around coverage also prevailed. Those surveyed were also confused about what—if anything—they were covered for


were unsure whether paid paternity leave was covered under their plan.


were unsure if paid maternity leave was covered under their plan.

And Americans don’t just want coverage after kids—
they want help before they’re born

63% of Americans feel it’s at least somewhat important for employers to cover fertility treatment

74% of millennials believe fertility treatment coverage is somewhat important

While large employers are actually leading the trend
in fertility coverage, it's still a relatively new benefit

Of those people surveyed, many were unsure whether they had coverage or not.


said that their employer-sponsored healthcare plan covers fertility treatment


said that they were unsure of whether they were covered

Even those with access to fertility coverage don’t know how to use it.

70 percent said that if they or their partner sought fertility treatment they wouldn't know what if anything they were covered for.

What does it mean?

  • Making sure employees understand the benefits that you offer will not only better help them choose the plan that best fits their needs, but may also save everyone money.
  • Studies show that rich benefit programs attract talent and drive career decisions.
  • They can also make for more loyal, happier employees who are also likely to be more productive in their job.
  • While some have been slow to consider fertility coverage, it’s a trend that has surged amongst large employers: at least 60 percent offer some type of fertility benefit to their employees.[1]

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