Open Enrollment

Marketing rules you can use for Open Enrollment

Your people are busy working on changing the world. And chances are, amid all that important work, they are not reading every HR communication that comes their way, no matter how time-sensitive or valuable the information is. This is an especially big problem when Open Enrollment season begins and you need your people to be as informed as possible about their benefits decisions.

So, what can you do to make your people pay attention during Open Enrollment? Think like a marketer. During the busy workday, you have just a few seconds to catch your people’s attention, so your Open Enrollment communications need to stand out. And who knows better than marketers how to get and hold someone’s attention? Try out these cardinal rules that smart marketers use:

  • Use bold graphics: See if you can borrow some time from your design team to create a brand for your Open Enrollment materials. Can’t get on their busy schedule? Try an online tool like Canva. (No design skills required.)
  • Time your communications: Send emails early in the work week and earlier in the day (a good rule of thumb is around 10 a.m.).
  • Create snappy subject lines: Because “Open Enrollment: VERY IMPORTANT READ NOW” may not get the reaction you were looking for.
  • Edit for concise content: Ditch the epically-long information dump emails and rely on a steady cadence of shorter emails to communicate the highlights and important dates for Open Enrollment.
  • Speak in plain English: Whenever possible, supplement confusing health plan jargon with simplified descriptions.

Looking for other ways to engage your people during Open Enrollment? Download our Open Enrollment Guide to get our best tips for planning and executing your communications strategy and rollout, evaluating the outcomes of your tactics, and staying engaged with your people once Open Enrollment ends.

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