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The Collective Go™ Protocol


There are two categories of risk reduction efforts in the workplace: Those designed to keep infected individuals out, and those designed to limit spread within the workplace.

As organizations look to understand and deploy necessary measures addressing these two efforts, it’s important to establish that for a safer return to work or perpetual maintenance of safety at work, there is no one-size fits all solution.

Geography, job type, worksite conditions, local epidemiology data, and underlying individual health issues are just a few factors that must define any return to work strategy. Any return to work effort that isn’t adaptable to these factors could introduce significant risk.

The Collective Go Protocol

Underpinning Collective Go™ is the Collective Go™ Protocol: An evidence-based, adaptive guide for occupational health and human resources teams to help them reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at worksites and to support a safer return to work strategy tailored to their specific population.

The Collective Go™ Protocol was developed to account for external factors and combines these factors with a series of necessary measures including workplace safety guidance, integrated testing, daily risk screening, and compliance tracking to reduce risk.

Scientific modeling shows that adherence to a dynamic protocol like the one Collective Health developed, can reduce the risk of workplace infection significantly.

To learn more about the Collective Go™ Protocol, download the summary.

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