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Wheels Up brings Collective Go™ to crew members, offering greater peace of mind for travelers

Wheels Up, the leading brand in private aviation, today announced it would roll out Collective Go™, for COVID-19 screening, testing, and monitoring as part of further enhancing the company’s already rigorous safety standards. Focused on both safety and experience, Wheels Up chose to bring Collective Go™ to crew members as part of the foundation of its Safe Passage™ program to help reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission for employees and passengers.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, Wheels Up has implemented strong safety and cleaning protocols without compromising the level of service or experience for its members and passengers.

“At Wheels Up, the health and safety of our employees, pilots, members, and passengers is always a top priority; we never waver on this,” said Kenny Dichter, Founder and CEO of Wheels Up. “Collective Go™ and its easy-to-use app is a perfect complement to the Wheels Up Safe Passage™ program,” Dichter continued. “It’s one of the most comprehensive products available, with a truly scientific approach, supported by researchers at leading academic and public health institutions.”

Backing the entire experience is the Collective Go™ Protocol, a living, peer reviewed and evidence-based protocol, which identifies external factors and determines a series of necessary measures including frequency of testing, daily risk screening, and compliance monitoring to help reduce risk.

By partnering with Collective Health and adopting Collective Go™, Wheels Up is further supporting safety for crew members with testing and daily symptom checks, as well as providing greater peace of mind and an unparalleled experience for travelers.

Interested in learning more about how Collective Go™ can help your organization reduce risk and facilitate a safer return to work? Fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly!

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