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Welcome to Collective Health. This is healthcare that revolves around you.

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When your employer selects Collective Health, they're investing in you.

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Find a doctor, ask a question about your care, or check your coverage on the go with our app. Even your health cards are digital with Collective Health.

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Speak directly to one of our highly trained Member Advocates whenever snags happen, by phone, email, or chat.

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We’ve translated the medical speak so you can use and choose your health benefits like the pros do.

Get more benefits from your benefits.

Collective Health includes specialized programs in your plan to help with things like chronic condition management and smoking cessation—so you get better, broader coverage all in one place.

We have the happiest members in the health insurance industry.
Our Net Promoter Score rivals consumer darlings like Apple and Nordstrom
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Collective Health Net Promoter Score
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eBay Red Bull
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eBay Red Bull Activision Blizzard Zendesk Counsyl Trace3 DataSafe