Take control of your healthcare investment

Ballooning costs. Member confusion. Administrative waste. Healthcare spend is out of control and employers can’t afford to keep the status quo.


Medical costs have gone up 5% annually over the last five years–that’s a 27% increase since just 2013.

No more trade-offs

With Collective Health, delivering a healthcare experience that people love and managing costs are not competing priorities–they go hand-in-hand.

Reverse the cost trend

By partnering with the leading networks and programs, we can help clients drive down their healthcare costs.

Drive smart engagement

Our connected member experience is driving engagement and better decision-making.

Reduce administrative waste

We help clients save money on common administration errors.

By the numbers

Why we’re different

Think of Collective Health as the operating system for employee healthcare where employers optimize their healthcare investment and take better care of their people. With flexible networks and programs, the tools to better engage your employees, and actionable data–let us help you control your healthcare investment.

Built specifically for self-funded employers

We exist to serve the needs of you and your people.

Foster member

Our end-to-end member experience allows us to build relationships with our members and help them optimize their decisions.

Leverage data to optimize outcomes

Our full stack administrative and payments technology gives you the tools to drive better outcomes.

Our customers include:
eBay Red Bull Activision Blizzard
Zendesk Counsyl eBay
Red Bull Trace3 DataSafe
eBay Red Bull
Activision Blizzard
Zendesk Counsyl
Trace3 DataSafe
eBay Red Bull Activision Blizzard Zendesk Counsyl Trace3 DataSafe