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Changing an industry isn’t the job of one company. We’re proud to partner with industry veterans and new solutions to power the future of employee healthcare.
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We believe in a best-in-class approach to health benefits. With the Collective Health Platform, employers plug in their choice of innovative solutions and products to create an integrated experience for their people and their benefits team.

Our clients are looking for solutions that:

  • Enhance employee health and wellness
  • Drive engagement up and costs down
  • Boost the efficiency and impact of their HR teams
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Consultants & Brokers

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As a team comprised of former consultants, health plan executives, and HR leaders—we know the importance of a strong healthcare advisor.

We work with the consultant and broker community to identify employer clients who are looking to:

  • Offer a smarter alternative to status quo health coverage
  • Improve their flexibility to adapt to what comes next
  • Take control of their investment through data and insights

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Our customers include:
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eBay Red Bull
Activision Blizzard
Zendesk Counsyl
Trace3 DataSafe
eBay Red Bull Activision Blizzard Zendesk Counsyl Trace3 DataSafe