TPA + Navigation.
All on one platform.

Healthcare can be a headache. You want to keep what you like but tailor the rest for your people. Enter Collective Health. Our solution brings all the pieces together for you and your team. We simplify the healthcare experience and enable the right partners to drive results for your company.

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Connect all the pieces of the puzzle with ease

Healthcare can be a headache. You want to offer robust benefits, but assembling a patchwork of solutions means multiple vendors to manage. Enter Collective Health. Our TPA + navigation and advocacy solution brings all the pieces together and simplifies the healthcare experience for you and your team.

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A health benefits solution that delights your people
and drives results


Intuitive and engaging for your employees

Our member experience combines digital innovation with human support to equip employees to better navigate their care journey.

70% of claims dollars are preceded by Collective Health interaction within 60 days or less

70 +

Net Promoter Score
(vs. health insurance
industry average of 9)

80 %

of member households have a digital account


Healthier outcomes means tangible cost savings for you

By engaging members in their preventive care more efficiently, we can potentially preempt costly conditions that might otherwise require ER visits—before they develop.

25% lower ER utilization than national average (That’s $110,000 savings per year for a population of 1,000 employees)

40 %

of care gaps closed
in the first year

50 %

reduction in healthcare cost trend over 5-year period

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