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The Partner Collective™: a new way to discover digital health solutions

The Partner Collective™ allows benefits leaders, brokers, and consultants to evaluate and compare a broad range of digital health solutions.


It’s no secret that there are more digital health solutions to choose from now than ever before. Whether you’re looking for options related to family building, behavioral health, or telemedicine, there’s a solution out there that fits your workforce’s needs. The only challenge is finding it.

And with hundreds of options on the market, where do you even begin to look?

Some employer-focused healthcare navigation platforms try to simplify this process by selecting and promoting only a few digital health solutions. The problem?  This prevents their clients from exploring the ongoing innovation happening in the industry. 

At Collective Health, we believe that this lack of competition is one of the main problems in the current healthcare system. After extensive research and conversations with our customers and program partners, we knew there had to be a better way for our customers to navigate this market without limiting their ability to choose.

Enter The Partner Collective™. This new tool allows benefits leaders, brokers, and consultants to evaluate and compare a broad range of digital health solutions, all on the Collective Health website. The Partner Collective™ brings together a detailed catalog of program partners and a robust search filtering system to help you hone in on the solutions that work best for your organization.

Click here to see the Partner Collective™ in action.

Here’s how it works: 

A broad ecosystem that lets you explore all of your options

Collective Health has integrated more than a hundred different point solutions onto our platform, with new partners being added every year. For each partner listed on The Partner Collective™, you’ll find detailed information about their service offerings and their level of integration with the Collective Health platform, plus a range of resources like whitepapers and guides. 

We foster an environment of competition where financial and clinical results are the measure of success. But we also believe in mutual collaboration, and have enhanced partnerships with partners who have a proven track record of impact through our Premier Partner Program. We want you to have the power to choose from everything available to you and tailor a benefits package that perfectly fits your population’s needs. (The best of both worlds!)

Optimized search to simplify your decision-making 

As proud as we are of the breadth of our ecosystem offering, having “lots of options” is just the beginning. Our goal with The Partner Collective™ is to take the headache out of combing through the sheer number of partners available.

This tool employs a robust categorization system that lets you filter partners based on specific categories, such as pricing model, clinical model, and depth of integration with Collective Health’s platform. The tool’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to compare competing offerings and quickly identify the partners that match your organization’s goals and objectives. Think of it as a ready-made pro’s and con’s list. 

“This self-service tool empowers our clients to make the best partner decisions for their employees and their families.”

Peter Reese, Program Partners Manager at Collective Health 

The depth of integration brings it all together

Beyond providing access to dozens of possible digital health solutions, we can also integrate solutions into our own platform more deeply than others on the market. True partner integration is so much more than adding a link to a dashboard–sharing and ingesting data, supporting financial management and payments, contracting, customizing plan design, and measuring performance are how we bring it all together.

The Partner Collective™ thoroughly describes the level of integration possible for each of the program partners. When you can visualize exactly how these solutions could work together in the Collective Health ecosystem, it makes it that much easier to tailor a package to your needs. 

Excited to try it out? Click here to use The Partner Collective™.

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