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We enable people to live their healthiest lives and organizations to improve their bottom lines.

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How we got started

In 2013, Ali Diab, our founder, went through a health scare that led to a moment of clarity: a positive healthcare experience is one that’s simple, straightforward, and personal.

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Meet our leadership team

With a unique mix of technology and healthcare leadership (and some personal experiences of our own), we bring a new perspective to changing the status quo.

What we stand for

We make the complex simple

In recent years, there’s been an explosion in the number of point solutions the healthcare industry has to offer. While this explosion has led to more innovation, it increases the complexity of an already disjointed system. We bring together the best solutions to make our offering more coordinated, connected, and seamless, enabling a healthcare experience that’s at once richer and more versatile, while also being simpler and easier to use.

Where there’s friction, we remove it

We strive to help people better navigate our highly complex healthcare system. This requires a willingness to challenge convention while also embracing collaboration. We bridge the divides that exist between employers, their employees, and the myriad of industry players that exist in healthcare. It may seem like an impossibility to bring all of this together, but we believe deeply that that is our opportunity.

We light the way, then lead the way

Being a healthcare disruptor is only the start. Now that we have fundamentally changed the way people see what’s possible with their own benefits experience, it’s our responsibility to work tirelessly until that becomes the norm. We embrace the leadership role this opportunity has brought us, and we will push past the status quo with the optimism and imagination it takes to make things better.

We build to empower all

Access to quality healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege that requires a college degree, financial means, and an obscene amount of time. By bringing transparency, innovation, and clarity to healthcare, we make it better for everyone equally, including—and especially—people previously disaffected by difficulties navigating the system.

The company we keep

Over the years, we've built valued partnerships with leading organizations in healthcare.

We work with network partners in these four areas


We work with national and regional brokers and consultants

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What drives us

Life changing work. It’s what motivates us every day to deliver for our customers, members, and partners.

Careers & culture

We’re a team driven by a mission, bringing our diverse backgrounds as engineers, designers, actuaries, and operations experts to build the products that help people when it matters most.

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