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Hear from the best minds in employee health. Learn how employers are getting more from their healthcare investments and making it easier for their employees to understand and access healthcare.


Strategies for Self-Funded Health Plans

Employee healthcare represents the second-largest investment for most U.S. businesses, behind payroll. It’s a highly complex system with excessive costs, frustrating member experiences, and administrative burdens. 

So, how can employers take control? On The Benefits Playbook: Strategies for Self-Funded Health Plans, discover how innovative companies are changing the status quo to improve the health of their people and their bottom lines.

Join host Sasha Yamaguchi, Commercial Leader at Collective Health, and our guests, as we help you ‌create a successful strategy for better employee healthcare.

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Episode 1

TPA vs. ASO: Which Is Right For You?

Lee Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer & GM Medical Solutions at Health Transformation Alliance

Episode 2

The Human Side of Health Benefits

David Duenas, Life Science Practice Leader at HUB International

Episode 3

Designing Benefits for Employee Productivity and Retention

Dr. Bapu Jena, Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School

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Episode 4

Self-Funding Isn’t Just for Large Groups

John Meister, Principal & Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits at Newfront

Michael Levin_podcast
Episode 5

Building Benefits Connectivity Through Infrastructure

Michael Levin, Co-founder of Ideon

Episode 6

The Importance of Building an Inclusive Benefits Plan

Serafina Miller, Senior Principal Consultant at Mercer

Episode 7

Designing Braggable and Unique Benefits Programs

Emily Munroe, Global Head of Benefits & Wellness at Live Nation

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Episode 8

Creating a Safe Workplace Through Inclusivity, Benefits, and Education

Ben Greene, Public Speaker & LGBTQ+ Inclusion Consultant


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