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Innovative solutions for mental health and addiction treatment with Dr. Smita Das

In this episode of The Benefits Playbook, guest Dr. Smita Das, VP of Psychiatry and Complex Care at Lyra Health, explores the changing conversation around sobriety and addiction.


The Benefits Playbook is a podcast covering all things employee healthcare, brought to you by Collective Health. Each episode features an in-depth conversation between Sasha Yamaguchi, Commercial Leader at Collective Health, and an expert in the health benefits industry.

This episode of The Benefits Playbook features a conversation with Dr. Smita Das, Vice President of Psychiatry and Complex Care at Lyra Health, about mental health treatment and the new paradigm of addiction treatment and sobriety. At Lyra Health, Dr. Das leads product development, strategy, and clinical operations for evidence-based clinical services and offerings including Lyra Complex Care. Previously, she served as president of an American Psychiatric Association District Branch and chair of the APA’s Council on Addiction Psychiatry. Dr. Das is also a clinical associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford School of Medicine.

In a far-reaching conversation with our host, Sasha Yamaguchi, Dr. Das highlights the importance of access to evidence-based programs that make it easier for individuals and their families to get the care they need.

“When a member like this is trying to access care and manage these severe symptoms, we don’t want them to bounce around from solution to solution. We want to offer an integrated experience for all of these needs within our ecosystem.”

– Dr. Smita Das

Topics from this episode include:

  • A breakdown of Lyra Complex Care
  • An explanation of how addiction and mental health psychiatry differ and intertwine
  • Examples of employers with accessible recovery programs
  • Dr. Das’s advice for employers looking into complex care

Listen to the full episode above, or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform. 

Read the episode transcript here.

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