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Lindsay was so patient and kind and informative! I felt like I was just chatting with a good friend who has knowledge in the health [benefits] world! Much appreciated!

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We’re on a mission to make healthcare easier to understand, navigate, and access. Our team of dedicated Member Advocates are available to answer questions about plan coverage, find providers, and more.

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I've always gotten quick, easy to understand, and friendly service. I never realized how hard it was to get accurate information regarding my health plans until we used Collective Health. It's so incredible!

Jackson was very helpful and proactive in addressing my concerns.

Chloe was extremely helpful and really took some weight off my shoulders by calling my provider and speaking on my behalf! I truly appreciate her efforts and the care she put into my case/request.

Baylie was extremely helpful and persistent in getting my billing issue resolved. She also gave frequent status updates so I never felt that my issue was being ignored.

Emily was fantastic!

They were quick to respond and super helpful. Samantha pulled info numerous times to make sure I had all the information I needed. I really appreciated her persistence and help!

Caitie took the time to contact my doctor’s office and informed them what information was needed to get my claim paid. She also kept me updated on what was happening.

When we had [another health benefits plan] a few years ago, I spent many hours over the course of months making calls to straighten out problems with a few particular medical claims. Now with Collective Health, I know an advocate will work on my behalf in situations like this, saving me many hours of frustration.

Every time I send a message I get a reply and the person always goes above and beyond what I expect. Love it.

Always helpful and responds in a timely manner.

Collective Health is the best! Short wait times, kind agents who are always helpful, great customer care and easy to understand statements and access to info online.

I had a fantastic experience, I'm thankful.

I felt understood and supported.

Lindsay was very professional as well as caring. She took time to research my issue and put me in contact with whom I needed to speak with. She followed up via email twice since we talked. Very pleased.

Very responsive, professional, and proactive.

The representative answered my coverage question quickly and sent verification details as a follow-up.

Deborah had excellent customer service and was empathetic with the situation I was going through.

Very prompt with information I was seeking.

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