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Creating a safe workplace through inclusivity, benefits, and education with Ben Greene

In this episode of The Benefits Playbook, guest Ben Greene shares the do's and dont's of creating an inclusive workplace.

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The Benefits Playbook is a podcast covering all things employee healthcare, brought to you by Collective Health. Each episode features an in-depth conversation between Sasha Yamaguchi, Commercial Leader at Collective Health, and an expert in the health benefits industry.

The final episode of Season 1 features Ben Greene, an international public speaker and LGBTQ+ inclusion consultant. Following his successful 2019 TEDx talk called, “Where are you sitting?” Ben has worked full-time as an educator and advocate for transgender youth. He has since written a book titled My Child is Trans, Now What? and traveled the world speaking in different domains such as HR conferences, DEI summits, and government agencies like NASA.

In his conversation with our host, Sasha Yamaguchi, Ben discusses the process of building safe and inclusive workplace cultures, what carriers get wrong about the member experience, and the “platinum standard” of inclusive healthcare.

“The biggest thing would be really making sure that gender affirming care is covered by your benefits plan.”

– Ben Greene

Highlights from Ben’s episode include:

  • Ben’s personal story
  • Do’s and don’t’s of creating an inclusive workplace
  • Must-have benefits for LGBTQ+ employees and their families
  • Ben’s advice for those looking to become an advocate

Listen to the full episode above, or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform. 

Read the episode transcript here.

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