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Designing braggable and unique benefits programs with Emily Munroe

In this episode of The Benefits Playbook, host Sasha Yamaguchi and guest Emily Munroe chat about what makes for a bragworthy benefits program.

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The Benefits Playbook is a podcast covering all things employee healthcare, brought to you by Collective Health. Each episode features an in-depth conversation between Sasha Yamaguchi, Commercial Leader at Collective Health, and an expert in the health benefits industry.

In the seventh episode of The Benefits Playbook, host Sasha Yamaguchi welcomes Emily Munroe, Global Head of Benefits and Wellness at Live Nation, for a conversation about building a must-have set of benefits offerings.

Emily has worked in Global Benefits and HR roles for organizations in a wide range of industries, including biotech and pharmaceuticals, consulting, technology and retail, and now entertainment. She began her career in banking and finance before transitioning into HR to follow her passion for supporting people.

During her conversation with Sasha, Emily explains her approach to designing a benefits strategy that meets employees where they are. At Live Nation, incorporating new programs for recovery support, mental health, and family building, for example, began with meeting with leaders of employee resource groups (ERGs) to understand which services would be most valuable to employees.

“My tactic has been to start in the ERGs first. Get the voices that I think are impactful in the company, the ones that folks are listening to that aren’t necessarily just leaders, but get them on board. Once I have them working with me to increase the awareness of really important impactful programs, I think it comes a little easier.”

– Emily Munroe

Emily and Sasha dive into many other topics in this episode, including: 

  • How Live Nation approaches wellness
  • SoberNation and other support groups at Live Nation
  • Benefits programs’ must-haves
  • Emily’s advice for those new to the industry

Listen to the full episode above, or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Read the episode transcript here.

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