Digital health should be empowering,
not overwhelming.

Take the headache out of selecting the right partners for your people.

Introducing our Premier Partners

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What is the Premier Partner Program?

A select group of digital health partners with a track record of delivering impact. Our Premier Partners will have enhanced integration across our products so you can:

  • Curate the right programs
  • Engage your people
  • Measure what’s working
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What makes the program unique?

Collective Health is the one company that is both claims administrator and curator of digital health partners. We have a holistic view of the member journey, tying together utilization, engagement and claims data and giving you a better overall picture of the plan’s performance.

For clients and consultantsIdentify the programs that benefit your employees and measure program ROI.

For membersReceive personalized recommendations to help you navigate your healthcare journey.

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90+ additional partners in our growing ecosystem

Interested in a different partner? Our open architecture platform lets employers plug in their choice of solutions to create an integrated experience for their people and their benefits team.

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