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Open enrollment deadlines: how to make your last engagement push a success

Open enrollment is wrapping up. As everyone rushes to get it all done, here are ways to reduce stress during this period.


Open Enrollment is wrapping up. Don’t let panic take over, as everyone rushes to get it all done. Here are ways to reduce the stress this week:

  1. Call in Reinforcements: Ask your broker/consultant and your health plan partner for dedicated resources for the week. That way, they can staff up-front to help with last-minute requests, so it’s not all on your team.
  2. Encourage Self-Care: While it might be tempting to skip a workout or to carb-load this week, urge your team to resist the urge. The self-care that your team practices actually helps the rest of your company, so encourage them to take that time.
  3. Make Access Easy: Even if you’ve sent dozens of emails already, don’t hesitate to summarize and re-send. Access to the right links and earlier materials is critical this week—especially if you sent it in chunks previously.
  4. Publicize the Deadline: Go back to all of the places you’ve promoted OE and reinforce the last day to register. From social media to retractable signs, make every touchpoint clear on what the deadline is.
  5. Go Bold: This is a good time to try tactics you held off on, whether that’s mobile notifications or a calendar invite holding time to register. You could even hand out physical flyers as people leave the building for the weekend. No stone left unturned.
  6. Celebrate the Wins: As OE nears its end, don’t forget to celebrate the good news. Everyone needs a boost—from leadership to your newest team member. It’s a monumental undertaking, and you’re getting it done. Make time to acknowledge that.


Your employee experience matters all year long, not just during Open Enrollment.

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