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Celebrating the winners of our 2023 Values Awards

Each year, we come together to recognize five individuals who exemplify our company's core values during our Values Awards celebration.

When we describe what it means to work at Collective Health, we like to say we connect with empathy, dare to solve hard problems, engage authentically, and follow our curiosity. These values are what drive us on our mission to change the way healthcare works in this country. 

And while we can go on and on about what they mean to our organization, our commitment to these values is best shown in the people who exemplify them every day. It’s the team member  who jumps in to answer a customer’s questions or the one who works behind the scenes to make sure each project runs smoothly. The colleague who comes into work every day with a smile on their face. The people who talk the talk and walk the walk. 

Each year, we come together to recognize these individuals—four who exemplify each of our core company values and one manager who demonstrates our leadership principles–during our Values Awards celebration. Winners for each of the Values Awards are nominated by their peers and selected by a committee of previous winners who sort through the nominations to find the team players who truly stand apart.

Learn more about each of the winners and the Collective Health values they represent below.

Connect with empathy

Connecting with empathy is about finding inspiration in the human experience. We understand the joys and pain of others and support each other without hesitation. We know that true kindness demands confronting hard truths over being nice and full respect is not contingent upon conformity.

Skyler, Plan Operations Associate II, took home the Connecting with Empathy award for the compassion and deep understanding he shows his team every day. “He always cares about how his peers are feeling and is always looking for ways to motivate and inspire them,” said one team member. 

Dare to solve hard problems

Daring to solve hard problems means recognizing that there is no “good enough” in healthcare. We follow through on our commitments and make no excuses when we fail. We dream big, but our passion and courage pushes us to pursue our goals.

Fernando, Business Systems Architect, won the Daring to Solve Hard Problems award for his willingness to tackle anything his team puts in front of him. “If you’ve worked with him on any project, you know that there’s not a challenge he’s not willing to accept and then overcome,” said one of Fernando’s team members.

Engage authentically

Engaging authentically reminds us that our strength comes from the communities we build and the tasks we take on together. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We aren’t afraid of genuine interactions. We celebrate life and its quirks. We are open with others because trust demands transparency. 

Britta, Senior Program Manager, Learning and Talent, won the Engaging with Authenticity award for being a true team player and a beacon of positivity to her peers. One team member said, “Not only does she always show up fully herself, but she draws out and is deeply curious about the authentic selves in all of the people around her.”

Follow our curiosity

We follow our curiosity because we believe that every new perspective has something to teach us. We listen. We question. We are fully present. We know that learning is a deliberate journey that never ends.

Glen, CS Eligibility Technical Consultant, won the Following Our Curiosity award for his ability to take a step back, look at the big picture, and explore all possible solutions to a problem. “I have never seen a problem too big or too small for Glen to pour his entire heart into, roll up his sleeves, and solve it,” said one of Glen’s peers.

Exemplary leadership

Winners of the Exemplary Leadership award demonstrate each of our leadership principles in their work and in the way they manage their team. They lead decisively from the front, inspire greatness in others, make bold decisions, and are humble and constantly learning. They are accountable for their mistakes, and continually work to push themselves and their teams to be the best they can be.

Amber, Manager, Learning, won the Leadership award, for her dedication, passion, and commitment to her team. “They continue to inspire and educate all of those around them, which I have personally experienced. I am so proud to call them one of my mentors,” said one of her team members.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Values Awards honorees. Interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at Collective Health? Click here.

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