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Creating inclusive workplaces with Dr. Courtney McCluney

Learn how employers can create work cultures that are more diverse, equitable, and inclusive to foster belonging.

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A recent SHRM study found that workplace racial inequity cost employers $172B in turnover over the past 5 years. And while DE&I has become a clear focus for employers in the last year, there’s no question, we all still have a lot of work to do. For employers who are wondering how to start addressing inequities in the workplace, Dr. Courtney McCluney can help. Dr. McCluney is a professor of organizational behavior at Cornell University who researches, teaches, and speaks on ways that organizations and entrepreneurial ecosystems can create diverse, inclusive, and equitable communities in which everyone can thrive. When she joined us at Together 2021, Dr. McCluney discussed how creating inclusive work spaces starts with awareness and education, continues with employee engagement and feedback, and deepens with purposeful experimentation with new benefits offerings, promotion systems, and recruitment models.

Listen to 3 of her main takeaways for employers here:

Creating Inclusive Work Environments.

Learn how employers can begin the work to create a work culture that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.


Looking to learn more?
Watch Dr. McCluney’s full talk from Together 2021 here.

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