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Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ open enrollment experience

Learn more about Jazz Pharmaceuticals' open enrollment experience with Collective Health.

“Collective Health was the best move of my career.”
—Josh Freund, Senior Manager of Health and Wellbeing at Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ Open Enrollment experience

At Collective Health, we obsess over Open Enrollment. So much so, that even Fast Company has taken notice.

If you ask our members, Open Enrollment events with Collective Health are famous for helpful humans, thoughtful materials, surprising details, and unforgettable pop-ups. From coffee carts to gelato stands to smoothies–we like to treat our members, showing them just how “sweet” health benefits can be.

As a team, we’re always thinking about how we can delight our clients and members in new ways during this important time of year. With that in mind, we decided to bring puppies to Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ benefits fair this year. Why? Why not?

Let Josh Freund, Senior Manager of Health and Wellbeing at Jazz Pharmaceuticals, tell you how it went.

P.S. We’re very happy to report that three of the puppies featured in the video were in fact adopted by Jazz members that day.

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