How to talk to your CEO about your healthcare investment


“If I’m able to save you one percentage point over a seven to eight percentage point increase in healthcare costs, I wonder–as CEO–how you would invest that one percentage point back?”

How to talk to your CEO about your healthcare investment

Kaye Foster, former CHRO at Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, discusses how to engage CEOs in the urgent conversation about their healthcare business.

Kaye Foster has spent the last 30 years managing HR and benefits at Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. She knows all too well what it’s like to face year over year cost increases—and how hard it can be to explain them to your CEO.

But today, things are different. Business leaders finally have the tools and technologies to control this massive investment (just look at how Collective Health’s platform approach is helping clients reverse the cost trend).

Watch this video to see how to talk to your CEO about doing things differently to take control of your healthcare investment.

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