Think like a marketer: How to deliver a great OE experience



So you’ve planned ahead for a great Open Enrollment. You made sure you’re targeting your people via the right channels. Now, it’s time to deliver on your promises.

While getting your people’s attention for Open Enrollment is always a challenge, it is possible to get them engaging with your carefully thought-out program. Some of the best marketers we know have spent their careers getting people interacting with their content, and they know how to follow that engagement up with a great experience. We asked them to share their tips and tricks with us to help you make this year’s Open Enrollment your best yet.

TIP #5

Showcase the product

A marketer can use the most beautiful, flowery prose to describe a product, but in the end, people just want to see what they are buying.


Demo the experience
In your communications, show people the platform that they will have to use to elect their benefits, including screenshots of how to do common things like add a family member or switch plans. This will (hopefully) reduce the number of times that you get asked, “Hey, where do I login?” in the future.

TIP #6

Keep the momentum going

After a successful campaign, marketers can’t just rest on their laurels. They continue to look for ways to extend the life of the campaign and keep their product top-of-mind.


Stay connected
In all the excitement during Open Enrollment, people may have neglected to sign up for the amazing wellness programs you offer. Plan a kick-off event in January (or at the beginning of your plan year) focused on helping people find and register for the programs that matter to them.

TIP #7

Measure your success

At the end of every campaign, marketers measure their Return on Investment (ROI) to learn how successful their campaign tactics were and to inform their future strategy.


Debrief with your team
Ask your team:


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