Time to redesign your health plans



Every spring, you meet with your brokers or consultants to start your pre-renewals process. You carefully consider new and changing options, and design the plan that best balances the needs of your people and the needs of your company. And yet, each year, you field questions from confused employees who don’t understand their benefits plans or any changes you’ve implemented.

Is it time to redesign your health plans—and more importantly, your health plan creation process?

Some key indicators to look for:

  • Population changes: Perhaps your company has grown or expanded into new locations. Maybe your population’s median age is trending upwards and the overall company demographics have shifted.
  • Problems to solve: Are there specific issues your people have faced this year in managing their health benefits? Complaints or bad experiences, while not ideal, can offer insight into problem areas. For example, certain kinds of physical or behavioral therapies might have session limits that you can extend at little cost, giving your employees more help when they need it most.
  • Coverage inconsistencies: If previous changes added or removed essential features from your existing plan, you may have gaps or inconsistencies in your benefit offerings.
  • New financial goals: You may be looking to reduce overall healthcare costs, or improve metrics around employee wellness, absenteeism, or utilization. The right mix of benefits can help you achieve these important benchmarks.
  • Attracting top talent: Companies are finding innovative new ways to win the recruiting game with compelling benefits offerings. From cutting-edge fertility treatments to personalized wellness programs, these options can give your company a strong competitive advantage as you build your team.

Sound familiar? And maybe a little overwhelming?

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