Why brokers and consultants partner with Collective Health

Deliver new, innovative approaches to your clients
Collective Health is the platform to power a modern health benefits program.
Radically simplify
 the member experience
Collective Health delivers industry-leading member satisfaction that leads to stronger health benefits engagement.
Drive point solution engagement and impact
Collective Health integrates your client’s various health programs to drive awareness and engagement.
Measure the impact of your client’s benefits strategy
Collective Health’s suite of reporting tools allow you and your client to perform timely performance assessments.
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Here’s what partners have to say about working with Collective Health

Questions we often get from consultants and brokers

Is Collective Health a TPA?

Collective Health performs all the core functions of a TPA, but we’re so much more. You should think of Collective Health as a plan administrator (across medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision), a member advocacy and navigation platform, an engagement hub, and an analytics engine. We believe there is tremendous power when you bring all of these functions onto one, integrated platform. Learn more on our “How it works” page.

Who is your typical client?

Our platform was designed to support self-funded employers, typically with roughly 1,000 employees or more. Our 45+ clients span a wide variety of industries from agriculture to retail to tech to consulting. Here’s what they all have in common: (1) they recognize the need for a single, integrated platform to power their health benefits, (2) they believe that stellar health benefits are a strategic advantage in recruiting and retention, and (3) they understand that when you improve the member experience, you drive smarter member engagement and lower total cost of care.

Can you support companies headquartered across the country?

We partner with some of the nation’s leading medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision networks, so our clients and members can access broad, nationwide networks with strong discounts no matter where they operate or live. In fact, we already have members in every state.

How do I introduce Collective Health to my clients?

We can share overview materials to educate your clients about Collective Health. That said, we find that it’s helpful to schedule time for your clients to get a demo of our product and hear directly from our team. We know that Collective Health is a little different than the traditional approach, so we value the opportunity to show you and your clients why we think our approach is unique—and better.

How do you typically partner with brokers and consultants?

We deeply value our partnership with brokers and consultants. Our work together typically starts with a lunch-and-learn where we’ll come onsite to your office to share our approach with you and your team. We can answer questions that are top of mind for your clients. From there, we’ll work with you to introduce Collective Health to your clients. Consultants and brokers are an important partner, and we want to make sure you and your clients have all the information you need to evaluate whether a move to Collective Health makes sense. We’re also open to deeper collaborations—joint networking events, co-branded collateral, and more. These can be effective tools for attracting new clients to your practice and introducing existing clients to Collective Health.

Do you participate in typical medical RFPs?

Yes, we’re often included in medical carrier RFPs. Still, we find it helpful to be able to talk to companies and their consultants prior to the RFP to explain how Collective Health is both similar to and different from traditional health plan options. For more information on the buying process, schedule time to talk with our team.
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