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Investing in different vendors for every piece of your healthcare strategy is chaotic for your team, confusing for your employees, and bad for your bottom line. That’s why companies choose Collective Health. We replace a disjointed experience with one connected system to drive more value from your total healthcare investment.

Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, and Vision Plan Administration

National carrier ASO and TPAs $$$$

Navigation and Patient Advocacy

third party call center $$

Engagement Hub

platform that brings together your ecosystem $

Benefits Analytics

partner to make sense of your healthcare data $$


Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, and Vision Plan Administration

Navigation and Patient Advocacy

Engagement Hub

Benefits Analytics

More value, lower total investment

See the Collective Health difference.

From digital ID cards for your members to streamlined partner payments for your team–it’s a difference you and your people will feel from day one.

What the complete Collective Health platform delivers for HR & finance leaders
One connected system Financial management & payments Program optimization Performance measurement

We’re built specifically to bring together your core HR needs from claims adjudication, administration, and financial operations to member support and integrated analytics. With our one connected system, we give you the flexibility to optimize your network choices, find the right point solutions for your needs, and keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.


Our system includes a suite of services that can significantly increase the rigor, accuracy, and efficiency of your healthcare investment. From helping you control waste and effectively manage your cash flow to providing more accurate and efficient financial operations and reporting—we arm you with the information you (and your CFO) need.


Collective Health optimizes your program strategy by helping identify the right programs for your population, streamlining implementations, driving smart member engagement, and validating program impact. All through one system built specifically to bring best-in-class programs together into an integrated experience.

Learn more about the Premier Partner Program, a new offering for employers that will make it easier to select, integrate, and evaluate digital health partners, while creating an even more streamlined and intuitive experience for members.


Our integrated reporting and live dashboards bring all the pieces together—claims, utilization, benefits operations, program engagement, member touchpoints—so you and your consultant can spend your time thinking through the insights and next steps, instead of piecing together information.

What the complete Collective Health platform delivers for employees & their families
One connected experience Member advocacy & navigation Clear communications Personalized engagement

Whether you need to understand how your plans work, review your claims, manage your spend, find a provider, or submit a claim—Collective Health brings everything together into one connected experience. With our digital, mobile, print, and human touchpoints, we power an integrated experience that makes understanding, navigating, and paying for care effortless.


Whether you don’t understand your benefits or you’re a high cost claimant with complex needs, Collective Health’s integrated member advocacy and navigation has your back. Our team of member advocates, social workers, care coordinators, and pharmacists are core to the Collective Health experience so they can connect members to care and support when they need it.


From Open Enrollment materials designed to catch your attention, to EOBs that actually explain benefits, to plan summaries designed around care needs—we make it effortless for members to understand and navigate their healthcare choices.


Our technology analyzes your programs, identifies specific members who would benefit from them, and then uses web, mobile, and human outreach to personally connect the right members to the right program at the right time. The result? Programs that make an impact, and members who feel the benefit.


We can power a fundamentally different health insurance experience because we take a fundamentally different approach.

See how it works

Connect all the pieces of your healthcare offerings

Combine leading networks across medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy benefits, your core HR systems, and an open ecosystem of innovative point solutions into one integrated system.

Run your program with new technology

Collective Health adjudicates your claims, manages eligibility and data sharing across your health programs, and automatically reconciles and processes partner payments.

Engage your people in their care

With a comprehensive web and mobile app, advocacy support, EOBs that actually make sense, and data-driven, proactive messaging–we give employees the tools they need to use their benefits wisely.

Optimize your investment around the clock

Our integrated analytics, predictive intelligence, and live performance dashboards make sure you see how your plans and programs impact your employees every day.

An approach so different, it wins awards.

Data Science Award 2018 Winner

Innovation by Design 2018 Finalist

Ready to power a better healthcare experience for your people?

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