Your healthcare business, under control.

We have the happiest members, the most productive teams in benefits, and the cost savings CFOs are looking for.

Our medical trend is -0.3%, compared to the industry average of 5%

Our Net Promoter Score speaks for itself

Clients have reported a 60% reduction
 in employee questions

Drive the performance of your investment

Choice and cost control at your fingertips

With Collective Health, your team is free to select the best partners for your unique population and budget demands—from medical, pharmacy, vision and dental networks, to innovative, emerging health and wellness programs. Best of all? They all come together in one integrated system that your people love, and that allows you to measure and drive performance throughout your entire investment.

Engaged, healthy employees that brag about their benefits

Do you love your health insurance? You should. With materials written in plain English, mobile-first tools that drive smart engagement, and concierge support people can depend on—it’s no secret why Collective Health’s Net Promoter Score rivals those of the best consumer brands.

Real-time analytics that drive better decisions and ROI

Every other part of your business has a dashboard you can monitor, understand, and use to make better decisions. Yet, your largest investment after compensation has been a black box, offering too little data, too late. With Collective Health, you and your team will be able to not only adapt to trends driving your healthcare spend, but take a more proactive approach to both help your people get the support they need, and balance the budget.

HR team efficiency and performance

They may not tell you, but your HR & Benefits teams are drowning in the details. From managing 1980s-era eligibility files to addressing ongoing errors on EOBs, they step in to save the day for your employees too many days of the year. Our streamlined operations and financial management close the persistent gaps in the outdated systems that employer-sponsored health insurance is built on, and your teams will feel the difference from day one.

We were named the No. 2 Tech Company to watch in 2017 by The Wall Street Journal

We’re changing healthcare, for good. It’s not because we’re smarter or try harder—it’s because we’re structurally different.

How it works
Our customers include:
eBay Red Bull Activision Blizzard
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eBay Red Bull
Activision Blizzard
Zendesk Counsyl
Trace3 DataSafe
eBay Red Bull Activision Blizzard Zendesk Counsyl Trace3 DataSafe