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UPDATED: Collective Health’s COVID-19 Response

We are no longer updating this blog post. The following information was last updated on May 26, 2020.

By Sanjay Basu, M.D., Ph.D. and Rajaie Batniji, M.D., D.Phil.

For more information on how Collective Health is continuing to help its customers and the community at large, please visit our Collective Health COVID-19 Resource.

Additionally, please visit to learn more about a new solution Collective Health launched to help businesses reduce risk for their people in returning to work.

Take the Collective Health COVID-19 Risk Assessment


Evaluating whether or not to get tested
  • Collective Health’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment is available to help you determine whether or not you may be eligible for COVID-19 testing. Our Risk Assessment was developed by in-house medical experts, and with direct insight into the questions and concerns top-of-mind for people right now. Learn more here.

NOTE: This tool is not for diagnostic purposes and is not intended to substitute for personalized medical advice from your healthcare provider, but may be useful to help understand current CDC guidelines and local health department guidelines for testing.

The latest updates on testing availability and technology
  • Collective Health is assisting members and their families to receive appropriate medical evaluation, including testing and follow-up, often including assistance with finding and ensuring health plan coverage for testing, evaluation, and treatment. Our Collective Care team is on-call to receive member questions and help direct members to testing sites around the country, and to answer common questions about testing as the situation evolves quickly.
  • Testing availability continues to expand, but so do concerns regarding the quality of testing. In addition to guidance from the WHO and CDC, Collective Health follows guidance from the Infectious Disease Society of America when recommending testing modalities and strategies. More broadly, Collective Health has authored an occupational health protocol with academic partners, to help reduce the risk of transmission in the workplace among both employees in essential roles who are currently at worksites, and among all workforce populations as people return to work in the coming months.
Updates on testing coverage and costs
  • COVID-19 testing is covered under almost all private and public insurance. This includes all Collective Health members, but having coverage does not mean you won’t face costs related to evaluation and potential treatment. We are closely monitoring the availability and effectiveness data on new treatments, and how to best address complications of Covid as well as problems due to other conditions whose care has been compromised by disruptions to usual care provision.
How Collective Health can help
  • Collective Health has worked with our clients to change plan designs and help offset the costs of COVID-19-related testing and treatment to members. Keep in mind, other elements of your care may have regular cost-sharing. Our member applications and websites have been reflected to show your plan’s specific cost-sharing for COVID-19 testing and treatment.
  • If you are a Collective Health member facing challenges related to COVID-19, our Member Advocates can share benefit plan specifics and potential costs. We also actively monitor claims related to COVID-19 to help minimize the risk of surprise billing to members.
  • Additionally, Collective Care, our specialized care management team, may be able to help if you need to find a healthcare provider to evaluate you for testing or if you are trying to arrange home delivery of other medications and avoid the infection risk of going to a busy pharmacy.
  • Based on guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, members have additional time to meet deadlines for COBRA coverage, enroll in coverage after a life event, and submit claims, appeals, and requests for external review. If you have had a claim or appeal denied after March 1 2020 for failure to meet one of the above deadlines, please give us a call or send us a message. Collective Health Member Advocates can help you navigate these extensions.
  • For our members who may need to be taken to the emergency room, we recommend ensuring you or your family tell paramedics where your usual source of care is. This way they can coordinate with hospitals to determine which facility has your medical records and can continue supporting you with the details of your care needs.
  • Please note that there may be a delay in appeals and claims submitted via mail. We continue to encourage you to submit claims and appeals electronically to minimize delays.

If you have questions about the details of your coverage or about paying for testing or treatment, contact our Member Advocates by phone, our website, or through the Collective Health app.

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