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Investors have poured over $23B into thousands of new, standalone companies focused on improving healthcare.


While it can be hard to navigate the ever-growing universe of healthcare point solutions, implementing the right programs can help to improve employee health and lower costs.

Take a best-in-class approach.

At Collective Health, we believe employers need an easier way to enable today’s innovative health programs and products. Our approach gives you the flexibility to mix and match programs that fit the needs of your population, without adding administrative headaches for your benefits team.

Match you with the right partners

Leverage our analytics and expertise to find the right programs for your population.

Learn more about the Premier Partner Program, a new offering for employers that will make it easier to select, integrate, and evaluate digital health partners, while creating an even more streamlined and intuitive experience for members.

Integrate seamlessly

With deep integrations, we enable data sharing, manage billing and accounting, as well as member communications.

Drive smart engagement

With our patent-pending technology and in-house advocacy team, proactively match members to programs that meet their needs all year long.

Track program impact

Understand what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it.

By the numbers

140We have over 140 health partnerships today

1000sWe’ve delivered thousands of personalized recommendations to help members connect with the best programs for their needs.

600We have successfully enabled more than 600 integrations

Why we’re different

Think of Collective Health as the operating system for employee healthcare where employers optimize their healthcare investment and take better care of their people. With flexible networks and programs, the tools to better engage your employees, and actionable data–let us help you control your healthcare investment.


Built specifically for self-funded employers

We exist to serve the needs of you and your people.

Foster member

Our end-to-end member experience allows us to build relationships with our members and help them optimize their decisions.

Leverage data to
optimize outcomes

Our full stack administrative and payments technology gives you the tools to drive better outcomes.

Collective Health enables our ecosystem of vendors to help drive smart engagement, making sure our employees get the care they need.

Josh Freund, Senior Manager of Health and Wellbeing

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