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Only 4% of Americans understand common health insurance terms.


Inexplicable coverage details. Absurdly long wait times. Poorly designed tools and processes that still call for fax machines. The health insurance experience your members face simply doesn’t match your investment.


Check your fax machine at the door.

At Collective Health, we think health insurance is too important to be so frustrating. With new technologies and new consumer expectations, there’s more opportunity than ever to create a member experience that you can be proud of–one that actually takes care of your people when they need it most.

Know everything instantly

Our members can find a doctor, ask a question about their care, or check their coverage on the go with our app. Even health cards are digital with Collective Health.

Connect with an expert

Whenever snags happen, connect easily with a member of our team by phone, secure messaging, or online chat. We’ll make sure you’re connected with an expert who can answer your questions.

dental-icon Dental

This plan has you covered for preventive care like cleanings, bitewing x-rays, and other services.

Moderate cost of care

Covers out-of-network providers

vision-icon Vision

Don’t forget to have your eyes checked! You’re covered for one in-network eye exam every 12 months.

Moderate cost of care

Covers out-of-network providers

Understand, effortlessly

We’ve translated the medical speak so members can use and choose their health benefits like pros.

Advocacy, the right way

Our patent-pending technology analyzes your programs, identifies specific members who would benefit from them, and then uses web, mobile, and human outreach to personally connect members to the appropriate care and support when they need it.

By the numbers

1One phone number to call for questions across medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision benefits and your third party programs.

85%85% of households utilize a digital account

70+Our Net Promoter Score is in the 70s

Why we’re different

Think of Collective Health as the operating system for employee healthcare where employers optimize their healthcare investment and take better care of their people. With flexible networks and programs, the tools to better engage your employees, and actionable data–let us help you control your healthcare investment.


Built specifically for self-funded employers

We exist to serve the needs of you and your people.

Foster member

Our end-to-end member experience allows us to build relationships with our members and help them optimize their decisions.

Leverage data to
optimize outcomes

Our full stack administrative and payments technology gives you the tools to drive better outcomes.

Superlative service every single time I interact with your Member Advocates. Thank you for the consistently fantastic service.

Collective Health Member

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