Health benefits, made better.


Collective Health: Health benefits, made better.

If this last year has illuminated anything, it’s that healthcare—both our access to it and ability to understand and navigate it—is crucial. Unfortunately, health benefits are historically overly-complicated, under-utilized, and expensive. While health insurance costs continue to rise, benefits leaders and their people are still lost, confused, and overburdened.

At Collective Health, we believe you deserve more value for every dollar spent on healthcare, driving more impact for your team, organization, and most importantly, your people.

So, we built the products and services that help companies by bringing together the right health networks and solutions, intelligently guiding members to the right care, and simplifying how you manage your healthcare strategy—all on one, connected platform.

The Collective difference

We power a fundamentally different health insurance experience because we take a fundamentally different approach.

Curated programs

Bring together all the right networks and virtual provider solutions into a set of best-in-class partners for your company and your people.

Our clients see 6-10X increase in program engagement

Connected administration

Simplify how you run and manage your whole healthcare strategy in one convenient, connected place — bringing administration, adjudication, eligibility, billing, payments, and reporting together.

80% of clients see a drop in day-to-day administrative workload

Smart member experience

Help members get the right care at the right time by intelligently guiding people to the right care and delivering incredible support throughout their care journey.

Our current NPS score is 70+ (4X that of traditional insurance carriers) with Customer Satisfaction rates over 90%

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