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Bending the healthcare cost curve

Companies no longer have to choose between a great member experience and fiscal controls. With Collective Health, you can optimize both.


New report shows that our platform approach is engaging members in the right care, reducing administrative errors, and reversing year-over-year medical costs.

You’ve heard it all before.

  • Costs are out of control: Enterprise healthcare costs increase by 5% every year.
  • The member experience is confusing and frustrating: Only 4% of Americans understand health insurance jargon.
  • Administration is plagued by waste: The complexity of the insurance and provider payment systems contributes heavily to the â…“ of total spend considered “waste”.

This is employee healthcare. And it’s too important not to change.

Tackling the root cause.

But how did we get here? How did such a critical investment fall so behind every other part of the enterprise? At Collective Health, we believe it’s because the health insurance industry has a technology problem. Employee healthcare still flounders on the technologies of yesterday–a foundation of antiquated systems, most dating back to the 1970s and 1980s. Well it did. Until now.

Delivering a healthcare experience that people love and controlling costs are not competing priorities

Collective Health is upending the traditional healthcare arrangement for employers and their employees with our Workforce Health Management System. Our system offers improved health plan administration and embedded analytics to upgrade the “back office” for employers, while transforming the “front-end experience” for employees through our engagement hub, mobile apps, and award-winning concierge support.

Optimizing for performance.

Powered by technology, we were founded on the hypothesis that delivering a healthcare experience that people love AND controlling costs are not competing priorities. But rather, highly complementary. For the last four years, we’ve maintained the industry’s highest-rated member experience, which is something we’re exceptionally proud of.

But, is our approach leading to a positive financial impact for our clients as well? We recently went through an analysis to answer this question, and we’re thrilled to share the results.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • We’ve reversed the cost trend. Clients in their second or third year with Collective Health achieved a -0.3% medical trend in 2017, compared to the industry average 5%.
  • Our connected member experience is driving engagement and better decision-making. Collective Health Member Advocates–our dedicated in-house concierge support team–are effectively engaging with members, helping to drive down costs. In fact, members who engaged with a Member Advocate saw the most negative trend at -0.8%.
  • We’re reducing administrative waste. In 2017, we found errors in 57% of invoices from a subset of partners. By identifying these errors, we avoided waste our clients might never have caught.

Companies no longer have to choose between a great member experience and fiscal controls. With Collective Health, you can optimize both.

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