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Introducing the Premier Partner Program™

Collective Health's Premier Partner Program™ helps our customers more easily realize the value and impact of their digital health solutions.

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The acceleration of digital health solutions has created a wealth of options for benefits leaders looking to more holistically support the needs of their people. But for benefits teams, all of these options can equate to:

  • confusion and wasted time sifting through choices
  • fragmentation in integration, implementation, and managing these options
  • challenges with employee engagement and adoption, and lack of visibility into the measured value and impact of the solutions they choose.

So is the proliferation of digital health solutions too much of a good thing? It doesn’t have to be …

Meet the Premier Partner Program™.
Available for benefits plans in 2022, Collective Health created the Premier Partner Program to help our customers more easily realize the value and impact of their digital health solutions by providing them with support in selecting, managing, and evaluating them. And in guiding our customers toward the right digital health partners for their people, we’re able to deliver on our aim of guiding employees toward healthier lives and companies toward healthier bottom lines.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Curation: support with identifying, selecting, and managing the digital health solutions that best serve the unique needs of employee populations,
  • Measurement: deeper understanding around health and cost outcomes, including a deep-dive ROI evaluation that assesses both financial and clinical impacts for each digital health solution, and
  • Engagement: enhanced employee personalization based on a member’s unique healthcare journey and clear utilization for employers.

It’s partner-approved.

With 90+ program partners spanning 18+ categories currently in the Collective Health ecosystem, The Premier Partner Program offers a more curated cohort of partners that have a track record in delivering impact across member experience, cost management, and health outcomes.

“We applaud Collective Health for bringing together top tier solutions focused on driving better clinical outcomes and providing personalized support for complex health conditions such as infertility,” said Pete Anevski President at Progyny. “We’re excited to bring our comprehensive solution to Collective Health’s Premier Partner Program to help make their member’s family building dreams come true.”

“We deeply value our relationship with Collective Health and are honored to be named a Premier Partner,” said Modern Health CEO Alyson Watson. “We and Collective Health are aligned in our efforts to connect employees with the best possible health care and we appreciate Collective Health’s efforts to streamline the selection process for employers.”

“Over the last year, employers have been inundated with new digital health solutions that promise to improve employee health while lowering costs. Through its Premier Partner Program, Collective Health is helping simplify this process of selecting which solution is right for employers, ensuring higher quality of care for their employees,” said Brad Younggren, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at 98point6.

Find more information here.

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