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Premier Partner Program™: how and why we chose our partners

Collective Health's Director of Partnerships, Lance Larsen, explains how we selected our digital Premier Partners.

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By Lance Larsen, Director of Partnerships

At Collective Health, we truly value each one of our program partners and the impact they have on our members with their dedicated support and deep expertise around mental health, cancer diagnoses, fertility and family-forming care, and more. Our goal is to help people lead healthier lives, and we recognize that our partners play a critical role in that effort.

Our approach to partnerships, and the level of integration we provide, has always been one of our key differentiators. We understand that our customers value flexibility in choosing from a variety of partners that support the evolving needs of their people. To date, we’ve facilitated over 200 integrations with 90 digital health programs across 18 different categories.

With the recent surge of digital health solutions in the market, we decided we wanted to take our approach a few steps further for the benefit of our customers. We recently announced the creation of our Premier Partner Program™ , which will offer a deeper level of integration with a select group of program partners. This will help customers more easily evaluate how their members are using each partner’s services and the impacts that flow from that utilization.

Our Premier Partners by category are:

So, how did we choose our partners?

As the Director of Partnerships at Collective Health, I can say that years of learnings from both our partners and our customers factored into the decision-making process around who would make up our first cohort of Premier Partners. That we would select partners in high-impact clinical areas whose outcomes have been promising thus far was a given. Ultimately, we wanted to collaborate with solutions who would be open to working alongside Collective Health to build a foundation of measurement that can help better inform our customers. And the promising outcomes delivered by our Premier Partners will be made more easily accessible, making health plan ecosystems more equitable and impactful.

After much deliberation, our Premier Partner selections were made based on 3 criteria:

Reach. We started with partners who are prevalent within the Collective Health partner ecosystem today, and those who have a broad reach within the market. The Premier Partner Program™  was created to generate meaningful insights for our customers. For that reason, it was important for the inaugural group of Premier Partners to represent the solutions currently available to our members. As the program grows, we’ll continue to evaluate new partners to include. Our current cohort reaches over 30 clients representing over 200K+ members.

Impact. We specifically focused on including partners who either had public results that demonstrated increased access or positive outcomes, or those that we’d worked with long enough to understand how they influence our customers’ clinical outcomes or financial value. The level of integration we’re doing involves a significant investment on the part of both Collective Health and on each of the partners, so we want to make sure that we’re guiding customers to solutions who have the potential for the most impact.

Partner Capability. Measuring the effectiveness of health programs is core to the Premier Partner Program. We assessed the partners’ willingness and capability to pursue the analytical rigor to which Collective Health aspires. In order for this new offering to drive value for our customers, we knew we needed partners that have the technical capability to meaningfully integrate with Collective Health, and the confidence in their solution’s results to partner in the iterative process of exacting measurement.

We’re extremely excited to work with our 9 Premier Partners over the coming months to deliver a more seamless, impactful experience for our customers and their people. Stay tuned for early results and stories.

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