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Collective Health was recently recognized by Fast Company as a finalist in this year’s 2018 Innovation by Design Awards for our Open Enrollment program. Sarahjane Sacchetti, SVP of Marketing at Collective Health, provides some perspective on what a world-class Open Enrollment means to our customers and members.

Before I joined Collective Health, the term “Open Enrollment” meant two things to me: confusion and procrastination. I wasn’t alone—turns out, when asked, 1 in 4 millennials would rather clean a toilet than research their health benefits. Yes, you read that right. Clean their toilets. How enticing.

When it comes to Collective Health’s mission of making healthcare effortless, it isn’t just about building intuitive products and supportive services that help our members find the right provider, understand what a treatment costs, and get help navigating a complex system when they most need an advocate—it begins the first moment a member selects their health plan. Study after study have shown that when it comes to choosing the right plan, the majority of employees get it wrong—taking more out of their pockets than they should, and revealing their fundamental lack of understanding of how their health plan works. In fact, when asked, only 4 percent of Americans could correctly define these basic health insurance terms: coinsurance, deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, and co-pay.

Open Enrollment is our opportunity to delight and empower our members

When I came to Collective Health in 2015, it quickly became clear that to engage our members in a meaningful way all year long, we had to radically change the first moment of their healthcare journey for the year. That moment is Open Enrollment. As a marketer with a background in engaging people in everything from sending flowers via a mobile app to voting in an upcoming election, I must admit, getting consumers interested and engaged in choosing their health benefits seemed like a monumental (but very exciting) challenge.

Four years later, we’re launching our newest Open Enrollment campaign for customers and members in offices across the country, and I am honored to say our marketing and product teams have been recognized by Fast Company as a finalist in this year’s 2018 Innovation by Design Awards for our Open Enrollment program. By reimagining every element of the member’s journey, we’ve created a system that gets the right kind of attention for our customers’ health plans, and gives members the insights and confidence they need to lean in to make the right choices for the following year.

From our purposeful branding and campaign content that reframes Open Enrollment from a chore to a perk, to our printed materials that surprise current and future members (hard to forget a clever bathroom mirror cling), to our onsite “pop up” events—Open Enrollment is our opportunity to delight our members, empower them with the right information, and, ultimately, let them know they are in good hands with Collective Health. This moment sets us up to drive the meaningful engagement we see throughout the year with our members using our mobile app, contacting our Member Advocates, and importantly, creating the foundation for the trust our members have in us—seen in our Net Promoter Score in the 70s, nearly 10x the industry average.

Each year, we build on the previous year’s program to develop something that our employer clients are proud to promote within their organization and that our members love. We’re excited to be recognized by Fast Company alongside a phenomenal set of products and companies. We look forward to launching 2018’s Open Enrollment this Fall and to welcoming many of you as future customers and members in the years to come!

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