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Accelerating virtual care in a time of uncertainty

In response to Covid-19, we're working with several of our partners to introduce Collective Health's Covid-19 Virtual Care Program.


The COVID-19 crisis represents a unique time for businesses and people across the country as the majority of Americans are now sheltered-in-place and practicing social distancing. These measures are important, but we know they continue to present fundamental challenges for people in daily life while disrupting access to critical health services and benefits—from routine check ups and behavioral health visits, to physical therapy and childcare for working families.

Work life, home life, and self care are now all intertwined in ways very few people could have anticipated. Thankfully, over the last decade, we’ve seen a variety of companies emerge focused on helping people with their health and wellbeing by using the latest technologies to make it easier to access care virtually.

Accelerating access to this kind of care has never been more important, and Collective Health is proud to call many of the forward-thinking companies building these solutions our partners.

Introducing the Collective Health COVID-19 Virtual Care Program

In response to COVID-19, we’ve worked with a select group of partners to build a new program for our clients to assist in supporting employees and their families as they navigate this new reality. Together, we’ve agreed to eliminate administrative fees, speed up implementation times, and provide contract flexibility to continue or end after 2020 for select virtual health services—all in an effort to make it easier for employers to deploy solutions that can benefit their people.

  • For our clients, this program can help fill gaps in their benefits caused by COVID-19 while boosting productivity among their employees.
  • For our members, we want to provide continuity in their benefits while helping them find balance at work and at home.

The program includes a mix of services that we’ve identified in partnership with our clients and consultant partners as critical during this period of time. Clients may select any combination of solutions from among those listed. This includes:

Telemedicine, primary care, and second opinion services

With our health system overwhelmed, it’s important that people still have access to doctors and health professionals—whether it’s just a quick inquiry on a common issue or someone needs a second opinion on a potentially serious health matter.

Behavioral health, substance abuse and recovery services

Loneliness, anxiety, and stress—these are normal feelings that many people are experiencing right now, and they can lead to more serious issues like depression and substance abuse. A variety of companies are tackling this head on.

Maternity, family, and caregiver services

Whether you’re a parent now playing mom/dad, teacher, and nanny simultaneously or an expecting parent, it’s important you still have access to the appropriate resources to help you manage.

Musculoskeletal services

The rapid move to working at home can be particularly difficult for people struggling with chronic musculoskeletal issues, or even those whose new workstations might make them vulnerable to postural issues.

We wanted to recognize the important contributions of the companies involved in this effort, and hope that this program can inspire similar initiatives during these uncertain times. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please reach out to programpartners@collectivehealth.com

If you’re a Collective Health client interested in these solutions, contact your Client Success team.

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